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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a bit of an obsession with Craigs List. I just like to look. I like to look at jobs (even though I'm not looking for one for myself), I like to look at gigs (even though I'm too busy to do any of them), I like to see what people are giving away for free (even though I don't have room for any more stuff).

Well, I got it into my head that I need an industrial sewing machine. My bag business is going really well, and I work the heck out of my expensive Bernina. I love my Bernina, but it has its limits. It would be great to have an industrial machine that will easily go through 4-8 layers of heavy fabric, especially when it comes to topstitching on straps and things like that.

So, yesterday on Craigs List, I found a pristine-looking Juki industrial machine for only $250. An alterations shop was going out of business, about 45 minutes from my house. Even at this price, I wavered on whether to take the plunge (I'm extremely cheap). I decided that it would definitely be worth it, and I drove all the way there. Gas is so expensive, so even though it was close to 90 degrees, I didn't even turn on the AC in my car! Alas, I got to the alterations shop, only to be told that she had already sold the machine a couple hours before!!!!!

Ugh, I was SO disappointed. SO SO SO disappointed. And of course now I will never find another machine in such good condition for so little money. I snoozed, I loozed.

But I cheered myself up by making a couple vinyl bags. I love working with vinyl, and even though I might love it even MORE on an industrial sewing machine, I was happy with the way these turned out. I broke out some of my old scrapbooking paraphernalia--a circle punch, my EK Success circle scissors, and even my eyelets and eyelet setter.


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