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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am challenging myself to do a better job at posting on this blog and updating my Facebook page. I've been quite pathetic in the past, I know, but after I make this one excuse, I won't make anymore. Hopefully. But don't quote me on that.

My recent (and forevermore last) excuse is that I've been moving my sewing area into the house. For the past several years, my sewing studio has been in the garage. While I was grateful for the space, it was actually slightly miserable. It was always dirty and messy and dark. In the summer, it was boiling hot. In the winter, freezing cold. I made do with a fan and a space heater, and granted, for most months, since we live in a temperate climate, it wasn't bad. But for a few stretches in January and August, the weather was enough to deter me from getting any sewing done.

We have an extra bedroom in the house that we used as a guest room. Now, I apologize to our relatives who used to have a nice bed (the most comfortable mattress in our whole house) to sleep in when they visited us. But really, how many days a year did the room get used? Maybe 2 weeks maximum. Compared to how much time I spend sewing, it seemed like a change I should have made a long time ago.

I'm SO pleased with my new sewing room. I love having a window! Natural light, sights and sounds from the neighborhood, and even beautiful sunsets! I bought an old TV off Craig's List for $10, and it has been fun to watch TV while sewing (I've been getting hooked on HGTV--I love those decorating and do-it-yourself shows). It took me weeks to get everything sorted, organized and situated, and even though I have more that I can probably do, it's good enough for now. Ahh, I feel so spoiled and blessed and creative whenever I'm sitting in that room.

So now I have no more excuses. I have a great work space, so I need to buckle down and get to work. Laissez les creative juices rouler!


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