Nest Fabric by Tula Pink

Monday, November 3, 2008

The strenuous activity of removing my camera from its single-clasped case seems to be a task that requires Herculean efforts, in my case anyway. It is a hurdle I find great difficulty in overcoming. What else can be the reason why I am SO extremely lame at updating my blog and my website, both of which I have neglected for 1.5 months. Sigh. But I managed to get my rear in gear today and finally take a photo of something I've recently made.

Here's a photo of a set of wristlets I made with a collection of fabrics called "Nest" by Tula Pink. I love the fun colors and how all the fabrics have a subtle reference to birds. Look closely, and you'll see eggs, bird feet, feathery plumes, and entire birds. The fabric just happens to perfectly match my little wrought iron stand.

Some of these are going to a store in San Anselmo called Various & Sundries. And some I'm saving for my next sales event at Cline Cellars later this month.


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