Felt Bird Bag

Friday, February 23, 2007

I can't figure out how to get my banner to go across the top of my blog page. That's why it looks a little funny today.

But in the meantime, this summer, I fell in love with felt applique. It is such an easy, manageable medium to work with. This is a little bag that I use as a camera case. I definitely recommend using felt with a HIGH wool content--don't buy the cheap 20 cent squares. It just isn't worth the effort. I have made lots of these little bird bags as gifts. Such a great portable project, and perfect for doing while watching TV. This one I use as my camera bag, with a strap that's long enough to go over my shoulder.


My Daughters' Creations

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Last summer, my daughters spent long afternoons, making these little Japanese-inspired felt creatures. They made them into backpack adornments and gave some away to friends. The felt makes it a fairly easy project, requiring only a handful of stuffing and supplies. You just need felt (I like felt with high wool content much better than the cheapy stuff), stuffing, beads for eyeballs, some embroidery floss, a red or pink marker for cheek blush, and optional ribbons, bows or other accessories.


A Bunch of Photographs

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I went around my house this morning and took pictures of some of my handmade items. The photos are posted on Flickr, but let me see if I can also post them here. I'm new at this--wow, I feel like a kindergardener!

These are a few cards I made for loved ones. I have often thought of having my own card making company because I enjoy card making so much. The first card on the left is made with little quilled hearts. The second is paper strips layed across a folded piece of paper, then hand trimmed into the heart shape. The third card is scraplifted from the Basic Grey web site and uses their papers. I added a few of my own little touches and revisions.

I bought this chair for $1 at a garage sale several years ago and reupholstered it in blue toile fabric. Even the fabric was recycled because it used to be a curtain in our old house. When we moved, I didn't want to use the same curtains anymore--but I was pleased to be able to find a new use for the fabric.

I have reupholstered just about every piece of furniture in our home. Partially because we can't afford to buy brand new furniture--but also because I love the hunt of finding a ratty piece of furniture with good bones, either for free or dirt cheap, and then transforming it into an altogether serviceable home furnishing. The sectional was purchased for $75. I definitely wanted a sectional in this room, so we would all have a comfortable spot to watch Lost and American Idol. And I didn't want unattached back cushions, which tend to flop over and need readjusting all the time. So, I was SO pleased to find this sectional, which was a faded dirty beige when I got it. I got the fabric on sale, spending about $120. Not too shabby for a sectional!

The big overstuffed chair in the foreground of the photo was a freebie on Craigs List. I covered it in a soft napped fabric, in between velour and terry cloth--about $25 total for that piece of furniture. Ahhh, it's heavenly, and the chair can fit a newlywed couple in a pinch (you have to not mind sitting REALLY close to one another, hence the newlywed).

More of my reupholstered furniture! I bought this chair and a matching loveseat for $50 on Craigs List. It had been covered in a faded and dirty green and white striped fabric. I have to say that I don't think this chair turned out as well as I had hoped (see the puckering on the back cushion?). But it will do for now--until I find something else to replace it with. I also made the pillows and the window treatments. I like neutral colors--can you tell?


New and Amazed!!!

I have been enlightened by reading other crafty folks' blogs for the first time last night. Wow, there's people out there like me! People who like to make all sorts of things into the wee hours of the night! People who can't settle into one artform and have to dibble and dabble in dozens of mediums. People who even make a living with their craftiness! That would be my dream come true!

How did they get to that place? I am hoping by starting my own blog, that the answers to that question will come.

So here I come, out into the vast bloggy unknown. I hope I'll be welcomed.


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