Wine Gift Bag

Saturday, June 9, 2007

So, the other day was our friend Jorge's 50th birthday. Happy birthday, Jorge!!! We gave him a very delicious bottle of Castle Pinot Noir. To dress up the gift, I thought I'd make a nice wine bag/tote to give it in. Then, he could re-use it by giving it to someone else someday. (I'm into regifting myself...shhh, don't tell anyone.)

I thought the bag turned out nicely, and I liked the gender neutrality of this one. But I think I'm going to make it in a bunch of different fabrics to sell on etsy--if this one sells. My sales have been non-existent for quite some time

BUT--I am so happy that I have been doing better in other venues! I sold a couple of totes on eBay, and I also sold some cards and buttons to a local card store. AND I took a bunch of my pillows to a consignment store, and the owner said she thought people would SNAP them up. I may need to give up on Etsy. It's a good concept--but I think only other crafty people know about Etsy. And then they just steal your ideas, rather than purchase anything.


WHERE are all my posts?????

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The truth is, I haven't been posting much--but I do have a good excuse. Both my daughters got confirmed at church last week. And then, they both graduated this week, one from elementary school, another from junior high. So, I've been moderately busy (more than a slight understatement). Now, if I can just get through our church's 50th anniversary this weekend, I will be free to get back to blogging, crafting, designing, and mess making.


Big Orange Bags Sold!

Woo hoo! I sold 2 of my big orange tote bags. One left! I didn't have much luck selling them on Etsy, so I listed one on Ebay. It got bid up to $51, can you believe that!! Then, I sold another one, not for as much money as the first, but still a good sale. Now I have money to buy MORE fabric and supplies for MORE bags! It's a never-ending vicious cycle...but what I can I do? I'm compelled by forces outside myself.


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