My Website Is Up!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Will wonders never cease? I finally got my website back up! I simplified it quite a bit, and instead of having my own shopping cart like before, I'm only going to list on Etsy. This is the first site I actually made all by myself. Well, I used a template, but I had to customize it with all my own graphics and colors. Pat, pat, pat. (I'm patting myself on the back.)

AND I even made myself a little favicon--the little graphic that appears at the top of the browser. Mine is a tiny brown purse. Pat, pat, pat.


Mean Columbian Hacker

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If you've looked at my Sheekoo site lately, you probably noticed that it isn't there. That's because it was hacked and taken over by a Columbian phishing scammer, trying to get private banking information from people in Columbia. They corrupted a bunch of my web files, and I need to figure out how to fix them.

Thankfully, they did not get any of my customers' personal information, and since I use Paypal for my checkout, I didn't have anyone's credit card information anyway--phew. I'm also grateful that they weren't scamming people in the US, since that's where my customers are.

But I'm not so grateful that there are such underhanded, good-for-nothing, bleepity-bleeping people out there that would do something like this. Have your mothers taught you nothing?!?

Anyway, my website was pretty out of date, so maybe this will help me re-envision what I want it to look like and how I want it to operate. So, I'm sorry for any inconvenience. If there's something in particular you saw previously or at a show, feel free to contact me!


A Little Bib Crazy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I sometimes babysit a friend's 8-month old baby, so I got it in my head to make a few bibs for her. It was SUCH fun picking the cute baby fabrics that I got a LITTLE bit carried away.

I ended up making over 50 bibs. My family members asked me why I was making so many, to which I laughed maniacally and told them that I couldn't seem to stop myself. Is there a local chapter of Bib Makers Anonymous?

So what, so I have a few bibs to sell. Here's a set for little girls.

Or for little boys.

Or if you don't know the baby's gender, here's even a set that's gender neutral. I'm kinda partial to those robots, and of course, the little doggies.

I have them posted here in my Etsy store. They're made of super soft 100% cotton flannel and are lined with a layer of 100% cotton batting, for the utmost in absorption and coverage. The side velcro closure means they're easy to put on and take off--but make sure to close the velcro before putting them in the wash so other things don't get stuck on it.


A Purse for Me Own Self

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I liked the style of the purse I made for my friend Suzi so much that I decided to make one for myself. Even though I make purses all the time, it's actually quite rare for me to keep one.

Although I made it a month ago, right after I made Suzi's,I just haven't taken the time to post about it until now. Bad, bad, bad, bad.

Enough self-flagellation. I love the fabric of my new purse, the convenient adjustable strap, the fact that it closes completely with a zipper, and the crimson ultrasuede edging on the pocket. But having a cell phone pocket on the outside of the purse--THAT is my all-time favorite feature. Also a great place to stuff keys (or a few dog treats for Cabana).

Lots of pockets inside, too. I tried being lazy once and made a purse without interior pockets. After a few days, I ripped it apart so I could add pockets inside. I don't know how you can use a purse without pockets. Where would you stash your lip balm or mints or hygiene products?

Hey hey, if you like this purse, GOOD NEWS! I made TWO, so there's one for sale on my website!


Suzi's Purse

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My friend Suzi has been carrying a purse that I made for her a couple years ago. She uses it daily--and it shows! Kind of like a child's overly-loved stuffed animal, with bits falling off here, frayed and tattered. I said, "Suzi, it's time for a new purse!" She said, "Oh no, I love this fabric so much that I can't stop using this purse."

Since there have to be a few perks to being my friend, I decided to make Suzi a new purse, using the same fabric she loves so much.

It is zippered across the top for "thing containment" and has a big pocket along one of the outer sides. The long webbing strap is adjustable to wear the purse straight or cross-body.

A feature I like best is the hidden cell phone compartment tucked inside the outer pocket, making it easy to find and answer.

There are also pockets inside and a cheerful blue interior. I hope Suzi likes it enough to finally stop using her old worn out purse!


Sewing Room

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am challenging myself to do a better job at posting on this blog and updating my Facebook page. I've been quite pathetic in the past, I know, but after I make this one excuse, I won't make anymore. Hopefully. But don't quote me on that.

My recent (and forevermore last) excuse is that I've been moving my sewing area into the house. For the past several years, my sewing studio has been in the garage. While I was grateful for the space, it was actually slightly miserable. It was always dirty and messy and dark. In the summer, it was boiling hot. In the winter, freezing cold. I made do with a fan and a space heater, and granted, for most months, since we live in a temperate climate, it wasn't bad. But for a few stretches in January and August, the weather was enough to deter me from getting any sewing done.

We have an extra bedroom in the house that we used as a guest room. Now, I apologize to our relatives who used to have a nice bed (the most comfortable mattress in our whole house) to sleep in when they visited us. But really, how many days a year did the room get used? Maybe 2 weeks maximum. Compared to how much time I spend sewing, it seemed like a change I should have made a long time ago.

I'm SO pleased with my new sewing room. I love having a window! Natural light, sights and sounds from the neighborhood, and even beautiful sunsets! I bought an old TV off Craig's List for $10, and it has been fun to watch TV while sewing (I've been getting hooked on HGTV--I love those decorating and do-it-yourself shows). It took me weeks to get everything sorted, organized and situated, and even though I have more that I can probably do, it's good enough for now. Ahh, I feel so spoiled and blessed and creative whenever I'm sitting in that room.

So now I have no more excuses. I have a great work space, so I need to buckle down and get to work. Laissez les creative juices rouler!


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