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Monday, August 6, 2007

We went to Nashville last week to visit my in-laws, and I wanted to have a little project to do on the plane. Thankfully, we are once again allowed to bring scissors and needles on airplanes! I made a little felt travel kit while traveling, so the next time I travel, I'll be ready! It's a little oxymoron-ish, but it was fun.

It's a little embellished needle and pin holder, with a teeny pouch inside to hold things like snaps or beads or whatever.


85 Down, 215 To GO!!!!

So, you know I have an order to make 300 bags for the Boys & Girls Club fundraiser in October, right? It is turning out to be quite a challenge. I keep telling myself, this is what I want to be doing! Maybe not quite so many bags, but I remember reading other peoples' blogs and being so jealous when someone would say they had a big order to fill. Now, it's my reality, and I need to savor it!! It's a good problem to have after all.

With my friend Lorraine helping me this weekend, I was able to make 29 bags!! Yippee! That brings me to about 85 complete. I have goals written on my calendar, so I can stay on track. I hope to have all 300 complete by mid- to late-September. That will give me all of October to make bags to sell at the fundraiser, which will be a much more fun and creative process than this assembly-line rote task I'm doing at the moment.


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