Almost 1 Year

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hard to believe it has been about a year since I started Sheekoo. I remember starting to work on the 300 fashion show bags about this time last year. I was so worried and skeptical then. I'm STILL worried and skeptical--but a little less so, I guess.

I am so fortunate to have been able to make a slow transition from my day job to my making it on my own business. My husband has been awesomely supportive, saying that we are okay financially for me to bring in less money for a while. And it has worked out great with my bosses, Rob and Bonnie, since they have been slowly transitioning and phasing out their business, allowing me to work fewer and fewer hours. I was working every day until the beginning of this year. Then, in about February, I cut back to 3 days a week. Starting this week, I will further cut back to 2 days a week--and probably over the summer, I will only work on an as-needed basis. Hopefully, I will only be needed a few hours a month.

This has provided me with a steady (although diminishing) income, since I'm putting everything I make with Sheekoo back into the business. Right now, my checking account is extremely paltry because I have paid for booths at a couple of upcoming shows. I have also made some big investments in bag hardware (big to me, although it's only about $200-300). I have another idea that might catapult my business--but it also requires a fairly large outlay of money for the supplies. But I think it's definitely worth pursuing.

I have a show at The Sonoma Plaza this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. So I spent all of Memorial Day Weekend sewing, sewing, sewing. But I enjoy it. And I consider myself so extremely fortunate to be doing something I enjoy. Last night, after 3 days of sewing with only stops for making dinner and a bit of yardwork, I did feel sort of tired of sewing--but then, I have the luxury of stopping. Today, I am ready to get back to the sewing machine.


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