Arts & Crafts Fair Successful!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I just finished selling at a 2-day event on Sonoma Plaza. Although I'm exhausted, the show was successful, and I realize how far I've come in the past year. I remember how scared I was at my first event, wondering whether ANYBODY would be interested in my bags, much less buy any from me. I imagined myself standing there, alone, while everyone passed by my table. I worried that I would feel stupid and embarrassed.

Now, after 4 events under my belt, at least I'm past the fear. My bags are always well-received. Though not everyone buys, the ones that stop to browse are very complimentary, saying that my workmanship is terrific, they love my fabric choices and styles. They say my prices are good (an area I'm still working to get a better grip upon), and that I have a wide range of price points for all types of shoppers.

Even though the economy is crappy and the gas prices get higher by the second, I feel like my little Sheekoo biz is doing quite well. If only I could make more items! I always have way more ideas than the time to bring them to fruition.

I had a lot of friends come out to keep me company--which is SUCH a big help. Thanks to Lisa, Teresa, Karen, and all the Knuths!! And my husband and daughters also came and helped me. And thanks to Theresa Rhodes for all her talking me up to all her mommy friends!


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