Suzi's Purse

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My friend Suzi has been carrying a purse that I made for her a couple years ago. She uses it daily--and it shows! Kind of like a child's overly-loved stuffed animal, with bits falling off here, frayed and tattered. I said, "Suzi, it's time for a new purse!" She said, "Oh no, I love this fabric so much that I can't stop using this purse."

Since there have to be a few perks to being my friend, I decided to make Suzi a new purse, using the same fabric she loves so much.

It is zippered across the top for "thing containment" and has a big pocket along one of the outer sides. The long webbing strap is adjustable to wear the purse straight or cross-body.

A feature I like best is the hidden cell phone compartment tucked inside the outer pocket, making it easy to find and answer.

There are also pockets inside and a cheerful blue interior. I hope Suzi likes it enough to finally stop using her old worn out purse!


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