Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Border prints take me back to high school (or maybe even junior high school). I always loved skirts with border prints, but border prints on short girls is a "Glamour don't". Plaster that black rectangle right over my face, why don't you!

Maybe that's why this brown floral border print purse makes me so happy. You can be short or tall, and it doesn't matter. It looks good on just about everybody!

I have made a few purses in this o-ring style, and they have all sold well. It's not a big purse, but it's deep, which gives a snug feeling of security to your possessions. This style takes 4 rings, which can get pricey. But I recently found a good source for them, so now I'm ready to make them in earnest.

Click here to see this purse in my shop.


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