I Love Mushrooms

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I so clearly remember being about 10-years old, sitting at the dinner table with my family. My mother had made something with mushrooms in it, and my sister was gobbling the mushrooms up, while I stockpiled them in the corner of my plate, hoping to slip them into my napkins and throw them away.

My sister said, "Mushrooms are so delicious. I love them." So I tried one (I think I had never ventured to put one in my mouth previously), and what do you know, they WERE good! "Hey, Mikey!"

I have loved mushrooms ever since. And I had great fun making this 'shroom eyeglass case. The polka dots are made of sequins, and I used actual blush on a Q-tip for the cheeks!

I took lots of photos of things I've made in the past week--but the photos all turned out crappy. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow!


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