Napa Show -

Monday, September 15, 2008

Last weekend, I had a booth at the Napa Art & Wine Faire. It was a VERY successful show for me. My wonderfully kind husband helped me the whole day--it's so nice to have his support! He's the best!

The Cork Collection was the talk of the show. Being that it was in Napa, with the wine tie-in, it certainly makes sense. People were extremely complimentary, and I got some follow-ups from retailers who are interested in carrying Sheekoo items in their stores. So exciting!

The number one question about the cork is, "how well does it hold up?" I explain that it is very durable, maybe just a notch under leather. Next time, I'm going to bring some cork fabric scraps so people can touch it, crumple it, maybe even pour some water or wine onto it.

My new cork fabric arrives later this week. I can't wait to make something out of it--it's going to be gorgeous!


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