April in Carneros - Windy but Successful!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So, I guess I can't even count to 3 or 4, because I've lost count of how many events I've done now. I think April in Carneros was my 3rd. Woo hoo! Can you imagine my excitement when I get to counting fingers on a second hand?! The weather was EXTREMELY cold and windy. It felt more like January than April. But I sold a lot of bags, met some wonderful fellow vendors, drank some absolutely delicious wine, and had fabulous helpers (my older daughter the first day, my younger daughter the second day).

The event was all day Saturday and all day Sunday. On Saturday, I sold a lot of purses, so I went home that evening and whipped out 4 more purses, so I'd have a good selection for the next day. I was extremely tired and bleary-eyed--being in the wind had chapped my skin and lips, and I felt like I had spent the entire day at the ocean or something. Of course, I wasn't at the ocean, but I was at the event for 7+ hours, setting up, selling, tearing down, driving back home...but when I got home, I pushed myself to make those bags. Of course, the next day, people only bought my accessories--wristlets, coin purses, etc., and I only sold 2 purses, neither of which were the ones I had forced myself to make the night before. Ain't that just the way??? Murphy--I kinda hate you.


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